Personal Training

  • One-On-One Training

  • Group Training (2 Person Max)

  • Goal Specific training catered to each client's goal.  

  • Custom meal plans will be included to clients enrolled in a Personal Training Program

Nutritional Meal Plans approved by Certified Nutritionists & Registered Dietitians

  • Customized nutritional plans geared towards your fitness goals

  • 4-12 week meal plans available

  • Detailed meal plans including a grocery list and tips sheet

  • Weekly check-ins and delivery

*Various health conditions also considered

Online Nutrition & Workout Programs

  • Nutritional plans approved by Certified Nutritionists & Registered Dietitians

  • Customized Workout Splits catered to client's goal

  • Weekly check-ins and delivery

Fit3D Body Fat Scanning

The Fit3D Pro-scanner allows clients to assess and keep track of their physical progress from the beginning of their fitness transformation. Each pro-scan assessment tracks body fat %, body composition, full measurements, posture plus other wellness assessments. Also provided is a full 3D scan of the client's body as it transforms with each scan! It is the most comprehensive, non-invasive before & after assessment technology up to date.

Rapid Release Therapy

Rapid Release Therapy (TM) is a revolutionary breakthrough in therapeutic technology focused on relief of soft tissue problems affecting nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  RRT was designed from the ground up to target scar tissue adhesions with a specific frequency.  In addition, this frequency is in a range that is known to relax muscle guarding or spasms.  This lightweight, maneuverable Targeted High Speed Vibration device is unique and in it’s own class.